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The sleek and sophisticated design of the minimalist front pocket wallet by luxutdelt will impress you with its stylish craftsmanship!

This practical wallet can hold just about any note or bill, while promoting style at the same time!

luxutdelt’s Front Pocket Wallet

Designed Quick Access ID Windows, best fits

12 Cards & 1ID plus bills with no bulk, and a minimal Pull-tab design to reduce bulk.

Our vintage leather wallets stay true to their nature by being receptive to scratches. With use the wallet will absorb the natural oils of your hands which will allow the wallet to develop a rich and dark color.

The Best Way to Protect Your Smart Cards from unwanted capture of data from contact less cards issued by banks, governments and other institutions such as:

Credit or Debit (for example: MC PayPass, VISA PayWave, AMEX INTERAC Flash, etc.)
Enhanced driver’s license, Hunting and fishing license
Access / security control, Employee / School ID
Health insurance, Medical ID
Gift, Membership, Library
Transit / Park pass
Protects against access by NFC-equipped Smartphones


This luxutdelt’s Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet can be easily tucked away into pant pockets, shirt pockets or inside your jacket without the bulge usually created by bulky wallets. The clever internal layout means you will feel comfortable all day long even with this wallet stowed inside your pocket.


the luxutdelt minimalist front pocket wallets are made from carefully selected, quality-tested microfiber leather that are assembled with the utmost precision for long-lasting durability.

Main Material: Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather Type: Cowhide Leather


Height — 4.32″ in

Length— 2.95″ in

Thick — 0.4″ in (closed and empty)

Each wallet is handcrafted by expert artisans with many years of experience. The premium hand-stitched finish increases their quality and durability.


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